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By entering the CODC Online Training system, I hereby confirm:

  • I am taking this training to work in Saskatchewan.

  • I will provide accurate personal information that the system requires to identify who I am for initial and future sign on sessions
  • I am the person as identified by the personal user information specified at sign on
  • I am not acting on behalf of any other individual
  • I have not permitted myself to be represented by any other individual.
  • I will not leave my signed on session unattended or accessible to any other individual at any time
  • I will not consult with any other student or individual. I will consult only with the resource person at the Training Organization which issued my personal PIN # if I encounter any difficulties in completing the course
  • All actions taken within my system session are my responsibility
  • CODC will not be held liable for any injurious consequences as a result of my breaking covenant with this agreement