Earn while you learn from a PRO:

CODC members - organized tradespersons and employers in Saskatchewan - are committed to the highest skill levels in the industry. It's the best place to start a rewarding career in the trades. Find out more about trades here. Or get in contact with one of the PROs here.

In Saskatchewan and beyond, there is high demand for skilled workers. From industrial to commercial/institutional and residential construction, employers are seeking workers with up-to-date technical skills to deliver good value. Apprenticeship training is the best way for workers to learn the skills employers need.

Apprenticeship is a recognized system of training which combines on the job training with technical training. Apprentices (who are employees) learn the knowledge and skills of the trade from a certified journeyperson (an expert in the trade) while working on the job. This workplace training is reinforced with periods of theoretical training at a technical institute. CODC members have provided financial assistance to many apprentices for their training. Just one benefit of working with the PROS.

Want to know more about apprenticeship?
Learn more about individual trades and apprenticeship training by clicking Building Trades.

You can also find out more at Saskatchewan's provincial apprenticeship website. Once you've explored your options, it may be time to talk to a PRO at one of our building trades local offices.

If you're ready to look seriously at a particular trade, learn about the programs and support we provide workers, or get connected with job and training opportunities, talk to a PRO by clicking Contact a Trade.

We're serious about skills...
The construction industry benefits from the safety, skill standards, training and support services built up over the decades by Saskatchewan's organized building trades and CODC. We also have partnerships across North America allowing for greater access to jobs. Along with providing many of the instructors in the province's public institutes, our members have over 180 training centres across Canada and have spent nearly $300 million in training support across the country.