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Looking for a challenge? Reward? A long-term, satisfying career? Here's your chance to make something great, to take pride in your work, to say: "Hey, I built that."

Careers in building trades are opening up like never before. So, why not go with the BEST. Find a great career with the building trades and employers represented by CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council - organized/unionized workers and employers - leaders in the industry.

With the highest percentage of apprentices, strong support for your training, and a stellar safety record, some of the very best long-term and stable career opportunities are with our trades - organized/unionized employers and workers who mean business. We'll help you go further.

There are a lot of options out there, and it's not always clear where to start. We can help.

Tradespersons from Saskatchewan's building trades as well as employers are available to talk to you about their specialty, or to help connect you with employment and apprenticeship training within the organized construction industry.

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