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CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council Inc.
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CODC: proof that cooperation works in our industry

CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council Inc. (CODC) is a registered not-for-profit corporation that brings together the CLR Construction Labour Relations Association of Saskatchewan Inc. and the Saskatchewan Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council. All of the Saskatchewan building trades unions and the corresponding employer trade divisions are members of CODC.

Since 1994, CODC has created a win/win environment by establishing mutual goals and objectives for all our stakeholder partners, and creating, developing and delivering programs for mutual benefit. Not only do employees and employers benefit, but so too do project owners, since our efforts have led to a stronger industry, enhanced training opportunities and the best possible supply network.

Some of the most important initiatives that CODC has developed to benefit employees, employers and project owners are:

  • Conferences: CODC hosts labour/management conferences designed to identify issues in the single and multi-trade, multi-employer environment
  • Big Table Bargaining: CODC underwrites the expenses incurred by industry-wide collective bargaining
  • Issues Facilitation: CODC underwrites the direct expenses of facilitating the resolution of issues that are of industry wide importance
  • Owner/Client Forums: CODC holds these forums to provide a platform for open dialogue with construction industry stakeholders
  • Partnership Project: This extensive project was undertaken, with the financial assistance of the Government of Canada - Labour Management Partnerships Program, to evaluate and work towards improving the relationships between management and labour
  • Market Surveys: CODC conducts periodic surveys of owner/clients to identify their views as to performance and possible enhancements in the project delivery process
  • Trade and Apprenticeship Promotion and Recruitment: CODC and its members have initiated and participate in activities to attract persons into the construction trades in Saskatchewan

The PROS are ready to supply the construction workforce

In Saskatchewan, the organized construction industry has demonstrated that it can meet the varying supply demands of project owners. That’s because over many years, CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council Inc. (CODC) has worked with employees and employers to build a labour network and training system that ensures project owners have access to a ready supply of highly trained and skilled workers.

We’re proud of our long and proven history of researching and developing programs and initiatives to strengthen our industry and supply project clients with the workforce they need to do the job right.