Rights & Responsibilities (R&R) resources now available online

May 6, 2009

Accessibility to training is a priority for CODC. It supports the aim of providing the most skilled, best trained workforce in the industry.

In spring 2009, CODC began offering its Rights & Responsibilities training and resources through its E-Learning platform.

Previously available only on disc, workers and management employees can now access the entire course from any computer with a high speed Internet connection.

"This is a great step in ensuring that all tradespersons have the tools they need to work safely and respectfully on all job sites," says Terry Parker, CODC Co-Chair. "This really sets the pace for how we can expand access to training in the future."

The Rights & Responsibilities - Your Path to a Safe Workplace ("R&R") program was developed for the Saskatchewan workplace and takes workers management employees through the fundamentals of the Saskatchewan Occupation Health & Safety Act and the internal responsibility system.

For more information on R&R, click here.

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