Better SuperVision

Better SuperVision Training Schedule

A series of courses for new and existing leaders in the INDUSTRIAL SECTOR designed to provide hands-on, practical information and opportunities to practice new/enhanced skills.

A Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to supervisors who successfully complete all three components: a three day classroom and 16 hours of e-learning component; Leadership for Safety Excellence component; and an intensive on-the-job evaluation over a three-month period by their supervisors.

Topics include:

Day 1 - Supervision and Leadership

  1. The role of the Supervisor
  2. Communication - Listening skills
  3. Communication - Giving Direction and Feedback
  4. Conflict Resolution

Day 2 - Leading Groups and Team Building

  1. Workplace Motivation
  2. Conducting Presentations
  3. Conducting Meetings
  4. Workplace Coaching
  5. Teams and Teamwork

Day 3 - Planning, Quality and Productivity

  1. Planning and Scheduling
  2. Introdution to Workforce Planning
  3. Quality Control
  4. Productivity Improvement 

The courses were developed to meet needs identified by owner/clients to strengthen and enhance leadership skills of construction supervisors. These are the premier supervisory training programs for the construction industry in Canada.

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